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Travel in small, affordable groups to a timeless land and culture with Ed Tick, PhD, an expert guide in psychospiritual healing and classical studies.

Ed Tick, PhD




PlantTeachers and Light of the Vine produces Amazon Convergence and plant medicine spiritual retreats and dietas in the Amazon and locations worldwide.  We offer safe guidance, sound practice, care and support for healing and transformation.  We hold our highest intention for the safe passage and proliferation of the plants, the spirits and participants.
         Dedicated to the equality of all in the ecosphere.
         ~more peace, more joy, more love~

Sitaramaya, Plant Spirit Guide      

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Shamanism in the Himalayas is not limited to a particular ethnic group or sect. The rituals and ceremonies may be different but they share a similar core. The shamans do not show any prejudices between rich and poor, cast or color, language or nationality, religion or sect. The shamans have their own personal paraphernalia, sacred objects, drums and chants. The shaman, when inspired by the tutelary deity or their power animal, dance spirit rhythms as they journey to the three levels of existence. This is often done to retrieve lost souls.

The shamanic practitioners in Nepal are called Dhami or Jhankri. These terms are used interchangeably. Before the introduction of modern medicine people depended on the shamans in case of disease, drought, floods, infertility, spiritual obstacles, family and community disputes. Shamans also conducted household and community ceremonies, advised villages on local problems and, after a death, assisted a soul’s passage to a different realm.

This long trip takes participants in the historic valley of Kathmandu first and then to Tibet. Having visited the most important historic and spiritual sites of Lhasa, Xigatse and Gyantse, we also visit the Base Camp of Mt.Everest, visit Milarepa’s Cave and then enter into Nepal. While in Nepal we will visit all the important monuments and power places of the Kathmandu Valley and Pokhara. We will be meeting three Tibetan shamans and three Nepalese indigenous shamans. We will not only get individual healing sessions but also learn from them. Four afternoons will be devoted in learning Nepalese shamanic healing wisdom, rituals, cosmologies, spiritual realms, etc.

Bhola Banstola
Viale Fiume 14,
46100, Mantova, Italy





Ph.D, NCPsyA, Diplomate Jungian Analyst, Shamanic Practitioner, Artist My work is to bring ancient Inca tradition to the Western world and facilitate sacred pilgrimages to Peru to learn the ancient traditions of the indigenous Andean medicine people.

For the last decade, I have apprenticed with p'aqos in Peru, and am a licensed psychologist and Diplomate Jungian analyst in private practice in Denver, CO. I am an artist and member of Spark Gallery. My publications include several articles on Peruvian shamanism and the books, "Lessons of The Inca Shamans Part 1: Piercing the Veil," and "Lessons of the Inca Shamans Part 2: Beyond the Veil, forth coming."

Deborah Bryon




Winter/Spring 2014
"Sacred Ceremonial Pilgrimage with Andean Altomesayoq in Capital Reef, Utah".
Led by the Altomesayoq Adolfo Tito Condori. Facilitated by Deborah Bryon

June 2014
"Sacred Initiation Journey of the Andean Shaman in Peru : Part II"
Led by Altomesayoq Adolfo Tito Condori. Facilitated by Deborah Bryon

August 10 - 23, 2014
"The Way of the Untamed Mystery: The Amazon and the Incas"
Led by Jose Luis Herrera. Co-facilitated by Deborah Bryon and Carol Dearborn

October 2014
"Sacred Initiation Journey of the Andean Shaman in Peru: Part I"
Led by Altomesayoq Adolfo Tito Condori. Facilitated by Deborah Bryon

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