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Advertisements on these pages do not constitute endorsement by the Society for Shamanic Practitioners.  All members of the Society may list their products and services for an additional $48 per year. To list products and services on these pages, please call 760-586-8252 or email


Sacred Center for the Healing Arts

Eleanora Amendolara, a NYC-based teacher and master healer, and of the few authorized Health Kinesiology trainers in the U.S., has been immersed in Andean culture and spirituality since the 1990s. Co-author of Standing Naked in Rose Petals: A Healer’s Memoir, she is the founder of the Sacred Center for Healing Arts Mystery School in Warwick, NY. Trainings for CHILL: Chumpi Illumination - A gateway for Healing and Transformation are ongoing.

Eleanora Amendolara
Sacred Center for the Healing Arts

74 Wawayanda Rd.
Warwick NY 10990
845 9877846




The Shamanic Online & Onsite Training Program will develop and strengthen your personal power and give you a deep knowledge of old school shamanism. The course is separated into 12 Shamanic Training lessons with customized assignments supported by 40 Companion Videos. These 12 Shamanic lessons will take you into a deep partnership with Mother Earth and your animal totems. If you are a healer or have healing gifts the program will show you how to honor those gifts and bring them out fully. You will learn the Old Ways: "If you honor them, they will honor you. A Ho."
Shamanic Healer & Teacher
Retreat Centers

Gregory Drambour
Sedona Sacred Journeys


FSS Faculty, Shamanic Practitioner, IT Consultant

Offering Foundation for Shamanic Studies classes, and shamanic healing.

Timothy R. Flynn
Alchemists Journal
335 Live Oak Rd.
Royal Oaks CA 95076


Daniel Foor, PhD, MFT

Daniel leads trainings and offers personal sessions focused on ancestor work, relating with spirits of place, and remembering our unique destiny/calling. His training in indigenous, earth-honoring ways includes in-depth work with the traditions of his Northern European ancestors, Native North American life ways, and the Ifa/Orisha tradition of Yoruba-speaking West African and the Diaspora. He is passionate about embodying earth-honoring wisdom in non-dogmatic ways that emphasize our capacity for service and innate joy.

Daniel is also the founder of the Earth Medicine Alliance (, an interfaith, earth-honoring non-profit and the co-founder of a circle focused on the mountains surrounding the San Francisco Estuary. He especially enjoys helping therapists, healers, and other ritual folk to strengthen their existing practices by including elements of ancestral healing and intentional time with wilderness/nature.

Daniel Foor, PhD
PO Box 1462
Mountain View, CA 94042


Patricia L. Walsh ,Practitioner, Teacher, Author

A comprehensive two year professional training in unique regression methods, as a means for healing trauma via Soul Retrieval. Founded by Dr. Roger Woolger ( Jungian and Author of 'Other Lives, Other Selves') and taught for the past 13 years by Patricia Walsh (Author of 'Understanding Karmic Complexes' and an upcoming book on Past Life Soul Retrieval). This training is a creative synthesis of present and past life regression work that draws from Freud; Reich; Psychodrama; Jung; Gestalt; Spiritual Psychology and Shamanic Healing. Workshops on Working with Ancestral and Earthbound Spirits are also offered.

Patricia L. Walsh


JOSEPH J. BURINSKY, AIA, Shamanic Practitioner, is a semi-retired registered Architect and Landscape Architect and a retired Assistant Professor of Architectural Engineering Technology. Joseph's practice "Healing Thru Spirit Work" asks Spirit to help with any dysfunction that may have a causal component in Spirit. Techniques include: Soul Retrieval, Multiple Personality Resolution, Extraction Healing, Depossession, Power Animal Retrieval/Journey Work, Pre-birth Soul Resolution; Fibromyalgia, CFS, EDS, Bipolar Resolution; Healing Hereditary Dysfunctions, Active Dying Support, Ceremonies/Workshops, Meditation Intensives, Nationally Certified Bereavement Facilitator and Palliative Care specialist. Ethnobotanicals and hypnosis are not used in our work.

Studios include:

  • "Healing the Healer"; support to help caregivers resist Soul fragmentation and "picking up Souls"
  • "Building Responsible Relationships with Spirit Helpers"; including discernment, checks and balances, an up line for help, protection, and documentation.
  • "Dealing with The Dark Side", for caregivers; discernment, methods, exercises,   strategies to insure survival, may include "Psychic Protection for Caregivers".
  • "Earth, Fire, Water, and Air Intensives"; use of the Sacraments in your daily life, professional healing practice, and public Ceremony.
  • "Die-right Workshops" for caregivers and anyone who might one day die; what it's all about, hazards, opportunities, we practice,   there's homework too.
  • "Tips for Traveling. . ." protocol for family members and caregivers to assist those actively dying.
  • "Heavy Sleepers. . ." protocol for family members and caregivers to assist those dying in coma or a state of impaired consciousness.
  • "Solstice and Equinox seasonal Ceremonies"; connecting, integrating the Elemental Earth energies with Spirits of Place and the business of our daily lives; may include "Healing Spirits of Place".

    Joseph J. Burinsky, AIA
    Hazlton, PA



Canadian Centre for Shamanic Studies is an off-the-grid healing sanctuary immersed in the riches of nature in Canada's renown Algonquin Park. Dedicated to "Nourishing our connection to Spirit, honouring our ancient wisdom, and creating love, unity and peace with all our relations."

Heart Foundations of Shamanism: Ongoing Seasonal Trainings
It is time to return to the Way of the Circle; a way of living that is thriving, liberating, empowering, and acknowledging of the wisdom within all. Listening deeply, circle members learn through each other's dreams and shamanic journeys. Through living ceremonies, imaginations are freed as hearts are opened to the greatest potential of our creators within.

Soul Pathways of Shamanism: Ongoing Yearly Program

This year long Soul Retrieval Training, is for those ready to dig deep beneath the surface, rock and roots to the living story, returning 'home' to the fullest expression of their being. Carving new soul pathways, we spread our wings of freedom, flowing love into all of life. Exploring the nature of our collective and individual soul loss, while engaging in shamanic methods of Soul Retrieval, we discover our soul's purpose, reclaim our gifts and power, while stepping more fully into service in our community and the world.

Blended learning opportunities of teleconference mentoring and online community support circle members in their home practice as they walk their extraordinary lives.
Canadian Centre For Shamanic Studies Contact:
Canadian Centre for Shamanic Studies
P.O. Box 329, South River, ON, P0A 1X0, Canada



Shamanic Healers,Teachers & Ceremonialists.
John and Karen are husband and wife, born and raised in Ireland. In 2005, they founded Slí An Chroí, (pronounced "schlee-on-khree") which means Pathway Of The Heart in their mother tongue, Irish Gaelic. Their professional and personal dedication is to bring the healing and wisdom power of their native shamanic tradition to the world. They hold clinics, offer training cycles (on and off line) and host international gatherings in Ireland and abroad as part of their calling. Both are writers, researchers, activists and speakers who advocate passionately for the divinity of Mother Earth, all her beings and life systems of the planet.

Skype: slianchroi
Tel: 00353 1 670 4905



Colleen Deatsman is an author and a Masters Degreed Licensed Professional Counselor, Registered Social Worker, Shamanic Practitioner, Reiki Master, Certified Hypnotherapist, and Certified Alternative Healing Consultant. She has been dedicated to her personal spiritual practice and life path of guiding people toward increased energy, personal empowerment, self-healing and self-actualization through individual sessions, national workshop trainings and authoring self-help books for over 26 years.         

Colleen is the author of two books: Inner Power, Six Techniques for Increased Energy & Self-Healing (Llewellyn Worldwide 2005); and Energy For Life  (Llewellyn 2006).

Colleen offers individual, couples and family healing and counseling sessions, monthly beginning shamanic classes, monthly advanced shamanic training circles, one-year intensive shamanic apprenticeship programs and a variety of weekend workshops where participants experience the empowering techniques from her books: Inner Power and Energy For Life!

Circle of Life Healing and Counseling Services
P.O. Box 54
Mason, MI 48854



Shamanic Lightworker Training

Maya Cointreau offers several levels of core shamanism and shamanic lightworker training, including a year long apprenticeship program. A shaman is a person who is aware of the energetic flow and patterns of the universe, someone who acknowledges the spirit in everything, and works with that spirit and flow to shift the world for the highest good of all beings. Lightworkers believe in the interconnectedness of all things, all beings, and strive to create a more harmonious, light-based realm on Earth.

Maya is a shamanic lightworker, healer, herbalist and author. She has over 20 years of shamanic experience and is an Usui Reiki Master with Karuna attunements. She is the author of seven books on healing, including The Comprehensive Vibrational Healing Guide, Natural Animal Healing, Grounding & Clearing, Gesturing to God, The Healing Properties of Flowers, Equine Herbs & Healing, and To The Temples.

All classes are held at:
Enchanted Realms
285 Litchfield Rd
New Milford, CT 06776
(860) 350-3898


Shelly Stump, JD, CPF

Shelley Stump is a teacher of ancient wisdom and peer counselor whose work focuses on helping others understand the connectedness and sanctity of all Life.  Shelley supports others in their direct experience of loving spirit through training and shamanic healing services.  Drawing on her many years of learning and personal experience, Shelley leads women's spiritual exploration and empowerment circles, women‚s journey circles, Medicine for the Earth circles, solstice and equinox drumming circles, drum and rattle making workshops, and shamanic journeying and healing 1-day classes, multiple-day workshops and apprenticeship program. Shelley teaches Earth-based spiritual practices as well as higher vibratory energy practices, including shamanic journeying, chakra healing and meditations, and ceremonial drum and rattle-making.  Shelley also offers individual shamanic healing sessions and blessing rituals for land, homes, and other spaces. Shelley's spirit-connected offerings are shared with joy and gratitude for Spirit's guidance in her life.

Shelley Stump, JD, CPF

Coyote Moon Healing Center & Farms
2110 Nielsen Road
Tillamook, OR 97141



Down to Earth — The Shaman’s Circle is the shamanic teaching collaborative founded by Nan Moss, David Corbin and the late Linda Crane.  We offer workshops in shamanism led by Nan Moss, David Corbin and esteemed guest teachers at our center in Maine and in other locations around the Country.  Workshops include the Foundation for Shamanic Studies Basic and Advanced Courses as well as Nana and David’s work with the Spirits of the Weather.

Nan Moss and David Corbin have been faculty members of the Foundation for Shamanic Studies for over ten years.  They have a private practice in shamanic counseling, soul retrieval and shamanic healing, and are authors of the divinatory card set, CloudDancing: Wisdom from the Sky and a forthcoming book on Weather Shamanism, due out in 2007.

Down to Earth — The Shaman’s Circle
PO Box 330
Port Clyde, ME 04855




Kate Durda, MA, is a shamanic teacher & healer, developmental psychologist, Esoteric Healer (INEH) and Reiki practitioner. Kate is also an author and researcher focused on practice and research in shamanism and spirituality, and has presented at professional conferences and taught across the U.S., Canada and in Russia.
Stephanie Tighe, MSW, is a shamanic teacher, shamanic healer, Masters degreed licensed social worker, and Reiki Master.  She has practiced shamanism since 1987, and done healing and teaching (in U.S. and Canada) for 25 years. She has also presented on shamanism and spirituality in professional conferences.

From a devotion to service and a deep vision of ‘spiritual community’, Kate and Stephanie Tighe, MSW, co-founded the organization “Spirit Weavers" 18 years ago, offering healing services and a complete curriculum of training. Their active healing practice includes individual clients and families, mentoring shamanic practitioners, and providing healing circles for group healing work, as well as facilitating healing interventions including: residential center for the elderly; journey circles in Michigan state prisons, "Shaman Kidz" (for 6-10 yr olds) and in the area of mental health services.

Spirit Weavers' training programs include much of their own work as well as a complete continuum of classic shamanic training from beginning to advanced. They also offer annual gatherings: Shamans' Walk, Midwinter Shamans Retreat,  and seasonal ceremonies to bring the shamanic community together. Kate and Stephanie have co-facilitated a free monthly shamanic journey circle continuouslyfor over 17 years and have actively supported the development of Journey Circles throughout Michigan.

Kate Durda, M.A.
Stephanie Tighe
Lansing, Michigan
517.667.0694 Kate/ 517.667.8448 Stephanie


Deana E. Paqua, MA, LMT

Deana Paqua offers sessions and classes in Shamanic Healing, Reiki, Andean Energy Medicine, and Holistic Health Education in the Danbury, CT area.

She supports clients in transforming pain, stress, trauma, and loss and working through life transitions such as divorce and career change.

Her sessions combine energy healing, bodywork, shamanic healing with stones, sound, shamanic journeying, soul retrieval, power animal and angelic healing, energy clearing and extraction, curse breaking, psychopomp, ancestral and DNA healing, and space clearings, to provide a deep level of spiritual and energetic healing.

Deana has trained with local and indigenous shamans from North America, South America and Tibet and has over 20 year's of study in the healing arts. She is certified in many forms of Energy Medicine, is a licensed massage therapist and has a Master's Degree in integrative health and healing. She is also an adjunct professor at Western Connecticut State University.

Shamanic Healer and Teacher, Reiki Master, Holistic Health Educator

Deana Paqua

Embody the Sacred®/DPL Creative Solutions LLC
38-B Grove Street Ridgefield, CT 06877
Tillamook, OR 97141


is an integrative psychospiritual healing model that takes place within the psychotherapy context. I have been a psychotherapist in private practice since 1981, the same year that I started my shamanic training. I have completed the Foundation for Shamanic Studies' three-year program and train therapists how to move in and out of dreamtime within the psychotherapy context.   Dynamic Energetic Healing is an innovative synthesis that integrates core shamanic practices with energy psychology applications and Mindell's processwork principles. Manual muscle testing is used throughout the work to facilitate and keep the client's process moving. In order to become a facilitator, trainees must commit to participate in five 3-day trainings, each of which are progressive and build upon the previous ones. All include supervised practice with the last additional 2-day weekend training completely devoted to supervised practice. This is a powerful methodology for integrating shamanic practices into the psychotherapy context. For more in-depth descriptions of what is involved, you may click my web site links that connect you with the specific training outlines as well as my book that details the theory, step-by-step methodology and illustrative case histories. Because this is an energy based psychotherapy and healing model, changes occur rapidly and dramatically. Most significantly though, it is through the intercession of the compassionate spirits and the power they infuse that distinguishes this model from other energy based healing and therapy models.

Howard Brockman, MA, LCSW, DCSW
Salem, OR



In Shamanic Workshops and Sacred Earth Shamanic Apprenticeships, Earth Caretakers weaves the interrelated perspectives of Q'ero/Inca cosmology, Medicine For the Earth, and core shamanism. We guide participants into deep connection with the living energy of the universe, the divine light within, and the web that surrounds us. Workshops are experiential and are grounded in a deep relationship with nature, ancestral wisdom, and energy fields.

Meg Beeler, founder of Earth Caretakers, is a heart-centered who has been practicing shamanism and leading despacho ceremonies on sacred sites around the San Francisco Bay for 20 years. Her monthly blog on shifting consciousness and other visionay writing, found on her website, supports this work.

Meg Beeler, MAT

Sonoma, CA




Do you:
 --wish to live ever closer to the timeless Mysteries of Earth and Nature?
--want sacred ritual to be a daily part of your life, family, group, community?   
--hope to heighten and utilize your powerful and unique gifts of Intuition and Healing Arts?
--long to learn ancient and perennial Medicine Teachings designed for real, contemporary life?
--dream of apprenticing with a life-long Practitioner of the Mysteries of Earth Wisdom?   
Earth Wisdom Mystery School of Perennial Healing Practices and Integrative Medicine Ways--with Marcie Telander, MA, LPC, REAT, CGP, DAPA. New Intern-Apprentice online, phone classes - ongoing classes available.

(*NOTE -- Free 15-minute phone and/or email consultation to discuss appropriateness of this Mystery Teaching process for your Lifepath.)

APPRENTICESHIP LEVEL 1: Reclaiming  Your Wisdom  Discover and expand your own Integrative  Personal Medicine practice. Online and phone session classes now open for next 2013 Medicine Wheel Season from Feb. 1, Celebration of Imbolc/Candlemas, through June 22, Celebration of Litha/Summer Solstice.
This ongoing, active, experiential program includes specific personal guidance and development of your own healing arts and Shamanic Medicine. Earth Wisdom Mysteries - Level 1 also includes online outlines and phone Council Meetings which introduce a wide range of Traditional Paths with Mystery Practices Guide, Marcie Telander; specially-designed Life Rituals; Intuition Development and Application; Conductive Healing; Personal Ancestral Lineage Reclaiming; elective Intensive Retreat at Wise Acre in the Colorado Rocky Mtns. and more. Sliding fee scale available.

Marcie Telander, MA, LPC, REAT, CGP, DAPA
Earth Wisdom Mystery School ©™

Crested Butte, CO
970-349-6509 (after 6pm MST)





Leontine Hartzell is a graduate of the Foundation for Shamanic Studies' Three Year Program in Advanced Shamanism and Shamanic Healing. She is a Trained Shamanic Practitioner and Shamanic Counselor, Plant Spirit Medicine Practitioner, Usui and Karuna Reiki Master Teacher, Magnified Healer, Certified Therapeutic Energy Healer, Spiritual Counselor and Psychic, Herbalist and Ordained Interfaith Minister.

Leontine has taught workshops for the past 25 years and currently teaches workshops to children, teens and adults on shamanism, Reiki, creativity, and meditation. She has had a shamanic and energy healing practice since 1995.

Leontine Hartzell, BA
Eye of the Eagle Center

Andover, MA


FSS Logo


Founded by internationally renowned anthropologist Michael Harner, with a three-fold mission to study, teach, and preserve shamanism, the Foundation for Shamanic Studies presents the world's foremost training programs in shamanism and shamanic healing. The Foundation's workshops and training programs are based on Dr. Harner's pioneering work, from his extensive field and cross-cultural investigation, experimentation, and personal practice. He originated, researched, and developed core shamanism, a system designed for Westerners to apply shamanism and shamanic healing successfully to their lives.

Foundation for Shamanic Studies




Dancing Bear Teaching Lodge

Hal Robinson, MRC, is a partner in the Healing Arts Center, a holistic medical facility in Kerrville, Texas.   His practice is Gesalt Psychotherapy with shamanic healing practice included. The Center also provides training in Body-Mind Spirit Medicine.

Dancing Bear Teaching Lodge is the eductional/training component of the Healing Arts Center. We offer training in indigenous healing movements and their complimentary use with modern western medicine. This trainig is for professionals in healing related professions or individuals for personal growth.

Healing Arts Center/Dancing Bear Teaching Lodge
Hal Robinson, MRC

144 Fairway Drive, Suite A1
Kerrville, TX 78028



Hunabku Healing


Shamanic Healing, Reiki, Pranic Psychotherapy ®, Holistic Coaching, Feng Shui Consulting, Mayan Shamanic space clearings, Sound Healing, Aromatherapy,  Conferences, Retreats, Guest Speakers,  Reiki shares  and Workshops.

5225 Wisconsin Ave NW, Suite 305
Washington, DC 20015
+1 (202) 684 - 3488




Alicia Luengas Gates spent seven years with indigenous populations in Mexico, where she was born. She has studied with the Foundation for Shamanic Studies, especially with Michael Harner, since 1986 and is a Certified Harner Method Shamanic Counselor (C.S.C.) as well as having an active practice in shamanic counseling, consulting, and healing. She has been a faculty member of the Foundation since 1993, teaching the Basic Workshop and advanced programs in the United States, Argentina, and Spain. In addition, she currently teaches the Three-Year Program in Advanced Shamanism and Shamanic Healing and the Two-Week Intensive Course on the West Coast.

Alicia Luengas Gates, CSC
Carlsbad, CA



Jonathan Horwitz and SCANDINAVIAN CENTER FOR SHAMANIC STUDIES offer courses and shamanic retreats throughout Europe and in North America. Jonathan's practice includes shamanic healing and personal shamanic guidance and mentoring. Jonathan has been studying shamanism since 1972. He worked with Michael Harner as  teacher and researcher for the FSS from 1986 to 1993. Since then he has worked with many traditional and spiritual teachers. He lives in the forest in southern Sweden at Åsbacka, his retreat center, where his work is aimed at helping people live in power and connection. His main interests are spiritual ecology and shamanism as a spiritual path. For information on courses, retreats, guidance and other activities, with articles about shamanism, see and

Jonathan Horwitz
Scandinavian Center for Shamanic Studies
Byggetsrundan 293
Munka Ljungby 266 95
+46 431 441 220




HEALING WORKS INC is a healing center dedicated to helping people who are transitioning through physical, emotional, or spiritual imbalances. The staff at HEALING WORKS INC is well-versed in both Western medical models and complementary techniques that are essential in providing healing of the whole individual. If life is challenging you, if your body is trying to get your attention, or if you are interested in learning to connect and heal on a deeper lever, then HEALING WORKS INC is the center for you.

Located in Wilmington, Delaware, HEALING WORKS INC offers therapeutic massage, energy work, and shamanic healing practices by appointment. Private and group instruction for meditation, focusing techniques, and grounding practices are available. A variety of classes for personal growth, shamanic training, balance, and healing are available on site, or at your location.

Healing Works Inc Contact:
Katherine Franta, PhD, PT, LMT
Barbara L. Williams BS, LMT

3520 Silverside Road, Suite 15 The Commons
Wilmington, DE 19810




         Courses & Training.....
         Shamanic Practitioners
         Transpersonal Psychology
         Holotropic Breathwork
         Celtic Sweatlodge     




Shamanic healer, teacher, and author, Christina Pratt, opened the Last Mask Center for Shamanic Healing in New York in 1990. She has been serving clients on both coasts since then, opening the Center in Portland in 2001. Pratt, a teacher of exceptional clarity, humor, and inspiration, has taught at The Omega Institute, Rowe Center, Hollyhock, Breitenbush Hot Springs, and Sleeping Lady Retreat Center in addition to the workshops produced by Last Mask Center. She is a frequent and honored speaker for the American Holistic Medical Association and local salons. Pratt's book, An Encyclopedia of Shamanism, will be published in two volumes by Rosen Publishing Group.

The Last Mask Center offers a wide variety of individual and community shamanic healing experiences, workshops and classes. Ms Pratt is always willing to travel to work with committed and creative people. If you are interested in scheduling a shamanic healing session or registering for a class or workshop, please call or email us.

For work in many cities across the US see the calendar.
For registration/information about all events (workshops, lectures, etc.).
For info on all private healing sessions (soul retreival, phone sessions,etc.).

Christina Pratt, shaman, teacher, author
The Last Mask Center
Portland, OR
800-927-2527 ext. 02586 (24 hour message line)



Chris Krohn

Shamanic Training Program in North Carolina, California and Ohio. In this program you will learn the wisdom and the healing techniques of the shaman, so that you can bring this powerful healing to others while transforming your own life and stepping fully into your highest destiny. This program takes you through the four directions of the Medicine Wheel - shedding the old stories of the past, stepping beyond fear, mastering your power of creation, and dreaming your world into being. Each direction is a four-day class where you will learn and practice the shamanic teachings and techniques for that direction. Each class is followed by a four-month period where you deepen and anchor your shift and practice your skills. I support you with coaching sessions during the months between classes. You will receive certification upon completion of the program.

Chris Krohn



Christina Wright-Lonheim
Hummingbird Spiritual Center offers programs that include

  • - one-on-one healings (in person in Seattle, WA or long distance)
  • - Shamanic Constellation workshops (held throughout the USA) that help you see the connection that your lineage and earth spaces have to your Soul Spirit
  • - Wisdom of the soul classes online or individually
  • - Spirit centered psycho spiritual counseling for individuals and couples

Christina Wright-Lonheim




Lives and works in Alice Springs, Central Australia. Teaches workshops in Soul Retrieval and Shamanic healing practices and also healing workshops for non-practitioners -using shamanic techniques such as ceremony, dance, working with nature and journeying-developed from 20 years of practice as a shamanic practitioner. Also teaches workshops with Shaun Leyland for the Foundation for Shamanic Studies-has studied with Betsy Bergstrom, Tom Cowan, Michael Harner and Sandra Ingerman as well as with local indigenous Arrente shaman. Teaches around Australia with residential workshops in the Alice Springs Outback.

Kim Leyland
Northern Territory, Australia





Eva Lundgren is a Bachelor of behavioral science (psychology), CBT therapist, ICC int cert coach, counselor, teacher of ancient wisdom and a shamanic practitioner. She have practiced shamanic work and healing since 1991 and have been teaching shamanic healing since 1996.

Eva Lundgren and CreEra offer training in Medicine Wheel teachings, Ancient Twenty counts, meditations, power animal journeys, different ceremonies, solstice and equinox drumming circles, initiations into the mysteries of the Divine Feminine, sacred drum and rattle-making as well as shamanic journeying. She also leads advanced shamanic training circles and
workshops with shamanic healing, extractions, soul retrieval and healing chakras. In her courses and training programs she weave together the ancient shamanic wisdom with the northern natures mystery, it´s fairies, goblins and elves. In this way, the students learn about the magic of their own environment.

The intent is to guide the student to find the wisdom of the heart and renew and reweave their connections with animals, nature, Mother Earth and the Universe. She also strives to help the student to adapt ancient teachings into the 21st Century.

Eva Lundgren Contact:
Eva Lundgren
Tel +46 734 297993



Louise Smith

The maker tradition is an ancient form of shamanism which has been passed down through family lines until modern times. Although the tradition is ancient, the practitioners have learned to use what they know within current society. Many have incorporated their skills into current professions and and operate in daily life without advertising as 'shamans'. The tradition is focused on practicality and the results of moving energy and is very down-to-earth in this respect.

We offer in-person healing and teaching in the Louisville, Kentucky area as well as on-line classes and distance healing.

To learn more visit our website:

Louise Smith





We offer Online Shamanic Practice training reflecting the forefront of Shamanic Practice embracing the latest research in Neurobehavioral Science

Andrew F Marks
PO Box 211
Woy Woy NSW 2256
61 414707876




Angela Prider's gifts have been strengthened over the last 20 years through a combination of academic studies in psychology, counselling, and somatic therapy, as well as training in Core shamanism, and initiation into the lineages of the Toltec, First Nations, Peruvian, and ancient Irish. Her medicine way has evolved into a global weaving that reflects and responds to our current world, and the changes we are experiencing.

Based in Vancouver BC, Angela provides shamanic healing and somatic based, Self-Regulation Therapy® and also teaches a variety of shamanic courses, and the White Bone Shamanic Arts Apprenticeship. Based in Core Shamanic techniques and synthesized with the complimentary medicines of Peru and her Celtic ancestral lineage, the apprenticeship aims to awaken the primal shamanic way, heal the past, and birth the unique medicine weaving of one's destiny. To enquire about scheduling an appointment or bringing workshops to your area, please call or email.

Angela Prider

HeartQuest Healing
Vancouver, BC, Canada



My Somatic Shamanic Practice includes thirty years of experience in Celtic shamanism and training in the healing modalities of Shipibo
(Amazon), Huichol and Toltec (Mexican), Paqo (Andes)and Native North American traditions. I incorporate the pioneering modality of the Vibrational Aspects?System. VAS creatively facilitates the 7 subtle bodies and chakras with precise resonance with physical tissues, cells and DNA. I am a Reiki Master and Reconnective Therapy Practitioner. I have served as an energy medicine practitioner during surgeries, periods of chronic and terminal illness and the processes of being born and of dying.

My range as an instrument is due to continuous personal evolution and healing, direct connection with Spirit, recognition of every person as a portal to Spirit, phenomenal ability to connect high frequencies into the cellular, molecular and sub atomic structures of the body and capacity to learn from every person.

Suzanne Green River
Green River Dance for Global Somatics
10700 Lindo Trail
Lindstrom, MN 55045



I offer regular journey group sessions as well as shamanic training in Takoma Park, Maryland and the Washington, D.C. area. Workshops are available for both shamanic practitioner training and for the average person interested in bringing the ancient power, joy, and peace of shamanism to their everyday lives.

The focus of my workshops is to help all beings and energies to answer the call to wholeness and take their rightful place in the universe. Contact me to reawaken your body's healing powers, to remember who you really are, and to step more fully into the circle of life.

I acknowledge with deep gratitude the training I have received from my helping spirits and from Sandra Ingerman, with whom I have studied extensively, and from other great teachers, such as Betsy Bergstrom, Michael Harner, and Tom Cowan.

Mary (Tyrtle) Rooker
804 Larch Avenue
Takoma Park, MD 20912-5828



Workshops, retreats, and training programs in shamanism, Celtic spirituality and European mystery traditions presented by Tom Cowan and invited guest teachers.

The goal of Riverdrum activities is to gather people together who wish to learn, practice and thereby keep alive shamanic tradition of healing, seership and divination.  Riverdrum gatherings are structured to meet three important needs of contemporary people: training programs in core shamanism and European-based shamanic folk traditions; ritual space for earth and ancestor-based celebrations; and opportunities for spiritual retreats from everyday life.

Tom Cowan
17 South Chodikee Lake Road
Highland, NY 12528



SANDRAINGERMAN.COM has information about the work of Sandra Ingerman, articles written on shamanism by her, podcast interviews with Sandra as well as an excerpt of a video. You can also read her monthly column "The Transmutation News" on this site and join her email list.


Sandra Ingerman


SHAMANIC TEACHERS Sandra Ingerman, author of 8 books on shamanism including Soul Retrieval, Shamanic Journeying: A Beginner's Guide, and How to Thrive in Changing Times created an international alliance of shamanic teachers and practitioners. On this site you can find a local teacher or shamanic practitioner who trained with Sandra.

Shamanic Teachers



Shared Wisdom is the vision of anthropologist and author Hank Wesselman, PhD., and his wife transpersonal medical practitioner Jill Kuykendall, RPT, whose shamanic workshops and presentations reflect a perspective derived from the Hawaiian kahuna tradition in which knowledge of the personal soul cluster, as well as an expanded understanding of the nature of reality, forms the foundation.

Hank is the author of eight books on shamanism including the Spiritwalker Trilogy, Spirit Medicine (with Jill Kuykendall), the award-winning Awakening to the Spirit World (with Sandra Ingerman), and The Bowl of Light: Ancestral Wisdom from a Hawaiian Shaman.

Hank’s five day Visionseeker training workshops are offered at centers such as the Esalen Institute in California, The Omega Institute near New York, The Breitenbush Conference Center in northern Oregon, as well as centers in Hawaii and abroad. Their invitational graduate program has been held yearly in Sonoma California since 2005 and is extended to those who have taken the Visionseeker trainings on an individual basis.

Jill’s work as a transpersonal shamanic healer is internationally known, and she is currently doing much of her soul retrieval/soul reunion work long distance from Hawaii Island where she and Hank reside on their sustainable organic farm in south Kona.

Shared Wisdom
Hank Wesselman, PhD
Jill Kuykendall, RPT
Captain Cook, HI



Shamanic Healing Institute

Paul M. Sivert is the Founder and Owner of Shamanic Healing Institute. He is a Licensed Clinical Professional Counselor (L.C.P.C.) and Cross-Cultural Shamanic Practitioner. Paul's expertise is in Divination, Soul Retrieval and Indigenous Healing Traditions including the Andean Cosmology. Paul has been initiated by the most renowned medicine people to practice the energy medicine of South America. Paul's healing ceremonies have proven to be effective, efficient and filled with the energy of munay (love and beauty). Paul holds a Masters Degree in Psychology, and a degree in Ministry of Spiritual Counseling, as well as certificates to practice Integrated Awareness and Past Life Regression. Paul has provided clinical counseling for 30+ years and he has provided healing ceremonies and energy medicine educational programs for 20+ years.

Paul SIvert Contact:
Paul M. Sivert, L.C.P.C.
Shamanic Healing Institute
8600 Foundry Street, Suite 214, Box 2011
Savage Maryland 20763





Spirit Passages is the work of Evelyn C. Rysdyk, author of Spirit Walking: A Course in Shamanic Power, Modern Shamanic Living and contributor to Spirited Medicine; and C. Allie Knowlton, MSW, LCSW, DCSW.  Both women are nationally recognized presenters who are featured in the book Traveling Between the Worlds. Spirit Passages is an organization whose purpose is to give individuals the tools to become conscious participants in their own healing, health and spiritual evolution.  As each of us is inextricably entwined with the Earth, living from our highest selves brings us into resonance with our planet's magnificent potential for renewal. They have offered workshops, apprenticeships and presentations with both shamanic and eco-spiritual themes for over two decades. Their graduate level shamanic training is the first of its kind in the world.

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Ann Riley, MA

Ann offers introductory and advanced training in Core and Celtic Shamanism. As a storyteller she teaches of the power and importance of story that is woven into shamanism as it is in our lives. She also offers ceremony and ritual for seasonal and personal rites of passage.

Ann Riley, MA
El Cerrito, N. CA 94530



Founder of Be The Medicine, Live the Power of You! StraightArrow has gathered teachings and healing from traditions around the world to bring direct, clear ways to live your gifts, purpose and life. Her work with renowned teachers and her direct guidance has helped her bring many pieces together. A Practical Mystic, Medical Intuitive Healer and Shaman StraightArrow's work is immediately available to healers, therapists and doctors as well as people of all ages who are ready to live fully and freely in health, happiness and truth. Drawing on wisdoms and practices from Siberian, Tibetan, Toltec, Astrology, Nutrition, Energy Medicine and many others you can heal yourself and live your purpose. Programs and writing available. Books in process. Classes and sessions at Center in Morristown, NJ and Boston, MA and your location. Phone mentoring, learning and healing.

Janet Straightarrow
Morristown, NJ




Workshops and training courses in shamanic healing and spirituality. Founded by Paul Francis, the college offers courses in: shamanic journeying; core shamanism; soul retrieval; working with power animals; shamanic counselling; the medicine wheel; recapitulation and mending the past; healing the future; shamanic extraction; Plant Spirit medicine; working with the Stone People and the Standing People; ancestral and family healing; shamanic psychotherapy and lots more.

As well as covering all the main aspect of core shamanism, courses are offered exploring the rich and fertlie links between shamanism and modern counselling and psychotherapy.

Training is offered at all levels, from beginers days, through to Shamanic Practitioner and Shamanic Therapist levels.

Courses are offered in Northern England, and through the UK.

Paul Francis
Lancaster, Lancs, UK


Dani Burling

Dani Burling began as a Shamanic Practitioner in 2001. Through the years, Your Sacred Destiny has transformed into a powerful training program. You will learn the tools and techniques of the last of the Inca Shamans on how to create the magic and beauty in your life. You will discover the journey of your soul and transform your life, your world and facilitate healing with your clients, if you so choose. These powerful awarenesses allow you to understand yourself, others and the universe in ways you may never have imagined. You will understand how to step outside of time, access wisdom from other dimensions and worlds and sit in the unknowable as you connect with the lineage of these amazing teachings. Creating in alignment with the universe is a powerful tool that empowers you to create your dreams. Quarterly programs run throughout the year. View our website for more details.

Dani Burling


Shamanic Training in the UK

Howard and Elsa Malpas are both therapists working since 1990 in psychiatric hospitals and clinics, and have been facilitating Shamanic trainings and events since 1994.   They have spent more than 20 years learning, remembering and honouring the Shamanic Way and how to tread lightly on the Earth. 

They run regular Journeying Circles in Glastonbury and London. Their trainings range from weekends to year-long Practitioner Trainings and Advanced  Courses. This year they are initiating Soul Regeneration trainings into their programme.
For every Student they offer supervision throughout the training period and are always available to support and encourage after training. Since 2000, for those who have completed their Practitioner Training, they offer a free meeting every three months to share, update and create a healing ceremony for the Earth. Most of their trainings are held in London and Glastonbury.
"The Shamanic Way has given us much JOY, wise counsel and passion for life".

Howard & Elsa Malpas
United Kingdom




Shamans see in the dark places - into the dark they usher the light. It is through their flames of passion that they illuminate the path for others. To be a bright and fierce fire, Shamans set their souls and hearts aflame; this is their willing sacrifice. The three souls training is a journey to discover the fuel of sacrifice, experience the flame of that fire and surrender to that fire in the service of others and the waiting Universal Divine. Training addresses three levels of work and each conducted over one year. Each year explores in greater depth and awareness, the spiritual connection to the earthly incarnation and the processes, and rituals that create the dance of healing.Each Year is made up of 12 weekends. Year One - The Wounded Soul focuses on STRIKING THE SPARK Affliction Suffering Separation Year Two - The Warrior Soul focuses on LIGHTING THE FIRE Stillness Passion Identity Year Three - The Mystic Soul focuses on TENDING THE FIRE Containment Direction Application And COOKING THE MEAL Completion Cycle Others Service. Additional information on this course and other training workshops is available on our website.

Box 390
Lions Bay BC
Canada V0N 2E0


Yraceburu EarthWisdom

Maria Yraceburu is a lineage keeper of Tlish Diyan who specializes in ceremony and the healing of post-traumatic stress. Her popular Prayers and Meditations of the Quero Apache, published by Bear & Company in 2004, received rave reviews from Natural Healing Magazine in their Indigenous Wisdom feature, and her energetically uplifting seminars have brought her unique teaching and healing methods to thousands. To date she has written a total of eight books. Yraceburu’s words have appeared in numerous magazines including Shaman’s Drum, Sacred Hoop, New Age Journal, all things yOni, Sonoma Women’s Voices, and various book inclusions. She has received awards from the Third World Counselors’ Association, the Presidential Humanitarian Award, Who’s Who in American Colleges, and Who’s Who among American Women. Her clients have included: University of California, San Diego; University of California, Santa Barbara; the Global Medicine Project; Sacred Mysteries Projections; 4 Winds Society; Boot! Camp for Cancer; Northern California Women’s Herbal Symposium; and the Regenerative Design Institute. da'igoti - time tracker

Spiral Dancing Life Contact:
Maria Yraceburu
Yraceburu EarthWisdom

119 Mira Sol Dr.
Las Vegas New Mexico 87701



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