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We are a group of independent Shamanic Practitioners dedicated to raising the vibrational energies of our fellow Beings, the Earth and all of Creation. We offer a variety of services to facilitate the wellbeing and to raise All to their highest potential.

We offer individual Healing Sessions to facilitate the raising of your chakras and Luminous Energy Field to its highest potential. Each session is individually tailored to the needs of the client and is assisted by the client’s and my Spiritual Guides.

Our services include the clearing of the Luminous Energy Field, Soul Retrieval, extraction of heavy energies and removal of unhealthy cord attachments.

We also offer Sacred Blessings and Clearings for home, land and offices.

Our services may be provided in person or done via distance healing.

Mark Taylor




Practitioner of shamanic healing, hypnotism, and energy psychology
My shamanic teachers are Mary Rooker (Sandra Ingerman-approved teacher) and Dana Robinson (Certified Harner Method Shamanic Counselor). My practice is designed to help clients with mind, body, and spirit, through soul/power animal/object retrieval, extractions, and depossessions.
In addition to shamanism, I offer other powerful and efficient approaches for healing, personal growth, and problem-solving:

  • Energy Psychology/EFT (“tapping”) and Psych-K to remove emotional and psychological blocks and limiting beliefs
  • Hypnotherapy and NLP (neuro-linguistic programming) to reprogram your subconscious for what you want
  • Voice Dialogue (“parts work”) to change internal conflict to cooperation

These approaches work without major time investments in re-visiting negative past experiences and can complement traditional therapy.

I emphasize quickly:

  • getting to the heart of what's keeping my clients from getting what they want out of life
  • healing the past when necessary
  • then changing limiting beliefs, troubling emotions, and unwanted behaviors

I would be honored to work with you.

Eric Weinstein


Maria Gharakhanian

    I offer shamanic healing (e.g., extraction, soul retrieval, compassionate depossession, curse unraveling) and energy healing. I teach the shamanic journey, perform Reiki attunements and Munay-Ki transmissions, and hold monthly shamanic circles. I practice mainly core shamanism. I have completed the 3-year program through the Foundation of Shamanic Studies and continue to study with other teachers. I live in the greater Richmond area, in Maidens, VA.

Maria Gharakhanian


Oksana Zielinski
Shamanic Practitioner

Visionary, creatrix and planet Earth aficionado.

* Soul Retrieval
* Power Augmentation
* LGBT social trauma clearing
* Sexual abuse trauma clearing
* PTSD and 9/11 trauma clearing
* Shamanic Extraction
* Ancestral and Karmic trauma clearing
* End of Life Transition and more



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