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Suki Healing Arts

Shamanic Healing with Art Practice which includes:

* soul retrieval
* extractions
* art journeys
* guided ceremony
* workshops
* remote healings

I am an artist and have been since I was really little. I enjoy making art in many mediums, from felting to glass work, and facilitating art as a path to healing for others. I call it “art coaching“. I love making things from found objects and the everyday things of life, making small dioramas like little altars. I also love anything that glitters or has feathers or bright colors. I believe that color itself heals us all.

         I have been studying Hawaiian Shamanism for the past four years with Hank Wesselman of Shared Wisdom and have started to facilitate shamanic journeywork, soul retrieval, and healing sessions for people who are interested in delving into the nature of their existence and life path. This includes helping others to heal from past traumas and experiences and to move closer to finding true soul purpose and passions.

         I have a cozy “Suki Cave” in my home with a heated massage table and an adjoining art studio. During the post-journey period, my clients and I explore the healing experience in the artistic medium of their choice.  I invite my clients to come and take some time for themselves, to relax and rest, to do some art and connect with their inner voice and true self.

         I am also trained in doing remote healing sessions that includes creating a small art piece for my client, to mark the healing that occurs.  I then send the artwork, along with a detailed description of the healing session, to the healee.

         I attended Parson’s School of Design, The Art Student’s League, and Fashion Institute of Technology, where I studied millinery design with Ann Albrizio and graduated with a BFA in Therapeutic and Fine Arts from Vermont College. I have been studying with Hank Wesselman and Jill Kuykendall of SharedWisdom for two years via their Visionseeker workshops and the SharedWisdom Continuum Program series, ever deepening my personal growth and visionary and healing skills.

Suki Ciappara, BFA
22 Leonard Street
Barre, VT 05641



My work focuses on

Health Concerns
Relationship issues
Emotional Trauma
Unresolved Anger

I am available for appointments by telephone or at my office for the following:

Soul Retrieval
Extraction Healing
Word Doctoring
Soul Mending
About Remote Healings

I teach workshops in:

Practicing the Basics of Shamanic Healing
Drum Making

I can also personally craft shaman drums and rattles especially for you.

Susan Grimaldi, MEd
138 Main Street
Montpelier, Vermont 05602



Susan, a native of Wales, is an active shamanic practitioner and teacher. Susan has an office in Vermont and works as an integral life coach and offers Jungian oriented psychotherapy. Susan is adjunct faculty at Burlington College in Vermont and is a regular guest presenter at Green Mountain College, also in Vermont. Susanís interest in shamanism has motivated her to explore cross-cultural shamanism and spiritual practices out of which a deep interest in Jungian psychology and transpersonal psychology has emerged. She is presently an analytical candidate in training at the C. G. Jung Institute in NYC.

Susan has taught shamanism intentionally and currently teaches online classes with women's groups exploring dream work and Celtic shamanism. Her passion for facilitating workshops includes shamanic investigations into the ancient myths of the Wild Woman in her various shapes and guises.

Susan is available to lead workshops or present in Core and Cross Cultural Shamanism within the USA or Europe.

Susan McClellan



Shamanic Healer, Counselor, Educator

I offer shamanic healing that integrates elements of curanderismo. I am often joined in the work by my wife, Jennie, who is a Reiki Master. In addition to our shamanic work, we offer mental health services, drawing from the Expressive and Narrative Therapies, often combining the wisdom of our ancestral traditions with contemporary Western knowledge and traditions.

We offer:
Local and Distance Consultations and Healing
Seasonal Ceremony
Reiki and shamanic energy Work
Training in basic shamanic healing skills.

We offer aid for:
Health Concerns
Trauma and Fright
Life Transitions
Disability Issues
Ancestral Difficulties and Trauma
Grief and Loss
Relationship Difficulties

Dr. Michael Watson
1205 North Avenue
Burlington Vermont 05408
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