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Shamanic Practitioner - Life and Business

I am a Shamanic Practitioner, Business & Life Coach, Author, and Speaker. I have studied spirituality, shamanism, sacred storytelling, psychology, and mythology in addition to having extensive experience in business, project management, instructional systems and self development.

I work with individuals shamanically in life and business. My work helps you to look at your life through the lens of metaphor.

With the aid of Animal Spirit Guides we interact with both worlds - the energetic and the physical. This integration leads to clarity, wisdom, and balance. It is an accessible and practical practice that deepens your life experience and empowers you to clear blockages, embrace lost soul parts, strengthen your energetic field, fulfill your life‚s purpose and live with intention.

I take my clients and students through the energetic and into aligned implementation to make the shamanic experience as physically real as it can get. The proof is in the manifestation!

Sharon Bechtold
Dreamtime to Realtime
640 Cedar Lane
Bartlett Illinois 60103
United States



Rhonda Day-Kooy is the owner of Blue Feather Books & Botanicals, Ltd., a spiritual, teaching, an retail center in LaGrange, Illinois. For the past two decades, she has studied intensively with the Edlers and Wisdom Keepers of several different traditions, including Native American, Peruvian traditions of the Andes, and Siberian shamans. Rhonda also has training in Medicinal Aromatherpay and sound healing. This has lead her to a deep understanding of the healing potential of these heart-centered traditions and the wisdom of the plant kingdom in her own healing practice. Brining a powerful blend of knowledge and humility to her work, her talents are offered through private healing sessions, customized araomatherpay regimens and readings, spiritual mentoring, and workshops. Rhonda has also been gifted with intuitive nature and developed her own shamanic ard reading system, which she has been invited to share in Arizona, California, North Carolina, as well as in her store in LaGrange. She has been a reapeated guest lecturer at DePaul University, as well as in the Native American Studies Program at College of DuPage. Rhonda has spent a great deal of time with her mentor and teacher Dr. Prof. Khamba Lame Natsagdorj (Spiritual Leader of Mongolia), Bon Chod (Buddhist Shamanism) and teacher of Traditional Mongolian Medicine. She teacher frequently at Blue Feather and guest lectures at many events in her surrounding community.

Rhonda Day- Kooy
Blue Feather Healing Lodge
Blue Feather Books & Botanicals Ltd.
19 W. Harris Avenue
La Grange, IL 60525


Center For Integrative BodyWork

Jim is a licensed body worker and wellness practitioner. He has a broad background and teaches/provides a wide range of shamanic services.

Jim Fatz, PhD, LMT
Center For Integrative BodyWork
820 Union Road
Harmon, IL 61042


Shamanic Practitioner, Crystal Healer, Intuitive Counselor

It is my honor to have guided people for the past 25 years to have a deeper connection with themselves and with Spirit. In my private office I offer Shamanic Healing, Energy Healing, chakra balancing, crystal healing, sound healing, reiki, smudging, spiritual life coaching and Intuitive readings. I also facilitate weekly and monthly Sacred Women's Circles, full moon circles, and is the proud founder of the Crystal Kid's Club. I teach a variety of classes on meditation, shamanic journeying, the chakra system and crystal healing. Please contact me at or to see how I may be of service to you. It fulfills me to assist people in their spiritual growth, to guide people in connecting to their most authentic self and really live each day in balance with what is in their highest good!!

Laura Rategan
Soulshine, Inc
488 Barberry Road



Available for
*soul retrieval/recovery ceremony (in person or long distance)
*shamanic or spiritual counseling
*consultation regarding spiritual emergencies or crises
*rites of passage facilitation or guidance for weddings, baby blessings, or home funerals).

Please call (312)329-6611 or email for more information.

Drake Spaeth


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