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Chosen to do healings and especially distance healings, I practise a combination of traditional Siberian/Lithuanian Shamanism and Shamanic Reiki / Quantum touch here in Kissimmee, Florida.

Heidi Couch
Kissimmee, FL


LEY GREYWOLF, In the Light of ONE

Are you excited and eager to create balance and embrace positive healing energy in your mind, body and environment? It would be my honor to guide you in your sacred journey. My vision is to assist and empower you to transform your inner and outer environments to support positive transformation in your life. We create a safe space where intuition, beliefs, and divine guidance can be explored. It is not professional therapy and I do not have the answers for you. I am here as a mentor; listening, witnessing and encouraging your own unique process of spiritual enlightenment

Ley Greywolf



John's 18 years of clinical practice have culminated in the creation of a unique and comprehensive approach to manual therapy which has drawn from a multitude of diverse sources, theories and techniques. Some of the more profound influences on John's approach have included: Myofascial and Neuromuscular Release Techniques; Visceral, Articular and Connective Tissue Mobilization; Craniosacral Therapy; Osteopathic Manipulation and Muscle Energy Techniques; Proprioceptive Neuromuscular Facilitation techniques; Trager, Strain/CounterStrain and Orthobionomy concepts; Aromatherapy; Lymphatic Massage; and Core Stabilization principles of postural retraining and ergonomic counseling.

John Leonard, PhD, PT, OCS, MTC
P.O. Box 970364
Boca Raton FL 33497
Fax 561-470-2185


Shamantic Teacher and Practitioner

Greetings! I co-founded the Laughing Rainbow Mystery School in 1987 and have been living and working full time with mystic and shamanic principles. My joy is training shamanic practitioners and sharing the love and wisdom of the Colour Ray Masters and Mistresses especially through online classes of the Colour Athenaeum. I also love working deeply one-to-one for healing. I have lived and taught in Japan, India, Greece, the UK and the USA and I feel a deep connection to these places. I have been trained to teach shamanism by Sandra Ingerman.

Chetna Lawless



Mira Luck is a Medical Qi Gong Practitioner and is educated in core shamanism pioneered by Michael Harner. She is trained in Reconnective Healing, is an Angel and Ascended Masters Therapist and Reiki Practitioner. She holds BA degrees in both art and music performance and is getting her Masters in Transpersonal Studies at the Edgar Casey Atlantic University.

Mira Luck
Tampa, FL 33603


Seven Dragons Holistic Healthcare

Randal Lyons is a Doctor of Oriental Medicine that has been learning, practicing and combining shamanism with holistic medicine since 1988. He specializes in addiction, mental-emotional disharmonies, grief/loss, anger, powerlessness, loss of passion, spiritual emptiness and all forms of pain. He will create a customized treatment plan to address one's unique concerns and offers experiential groups to supplement the work, such as: trancedance, mask making and wearing, and shamanic drumming and journeying.

He is the author of groundbreaking book "Opening the Eyes of the Heart" and has taught these unique practices at international conferences, professional workshops and brought them into world-class addiction treatment facilities.

Clients have described his work with them as "empowering", "lifechanging", "sincerely heartfelt" and "powerful but still downright fun".

Randal Lyons, DOM
Seven Dragons Holistic Healthcare
2560 S. Ocean Blvd. #501
Palm Beach, FL 33480




Suzy is a graduate of the Foundation For Shamaic Studies' Three Year Proram in Shamanism and Shamanic Healing. She also has trained and worked as a Clinical Chaplain. Her trainings as a chaplain and a shamanic practitioner give her a unique opportunity to help relieve the suffering of the dis-spirited an dis-eased. Her practice includes extensive experience, twenty plus years, with soul retrieval, depossession, shamanic counseling and working with those that are dying. She maintins her practice in Indian Harbour Beach, Florida during the year and sees clients in Montana during the summer. She can be reached at 406-443-6478.

Suzy Schoemer
Indian Harbour Beach, FL


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